Savino Longo

Main Research Fields

  • Modelling in Non-Equilibrium Kinetics
  • Air  Transport Properties
  • PIC/MCC modelling
  • Monte-Carlo Simulations

Work Experience

  • Researcher at the Chemistry Department (Bari) 1995-98
  • Assistant Professor at the Chemistry Department (Bari)

Selected Significant Publications:

  1. S. Longo and M. Capitelli,"Coupling of Space-Dependent Electron Dynamics and Vibrational Kinetics in Radio-Frequency Discharges in Nitrogen", Phys. Rev. E 49 (1994) 2302
  2. S. Longo and M. Capitelli,"A Simple Approach to Treat Anisotropic Elastic Scattering in Monte-Carlo Calculations of the Electron Energy Distribution Function in Cold Plasmas", Plasma Chem. Plasma Proc., 14 (1994) 1
  3. S. Longo, "Non Equilibrium Plasma Modeling", in "Molecular Dynamics and Hypersonic Flows", Ed. M. Capitelli, NATO ASI Series, C/482, Kluwer Academic Publishers (1996) 451-460
  4. S. Longo, K. Hassouni, D. Iasillo and M. Capitelli,"Coupled Electron and Molecular Vibrational Kinetics in a 1D Particle-in-Cell Model of a Low Pressure, High Frequency Electric Discharge in Nitrogen", J. Phys. III 7 (1997) 707-718
  5. D. Bruno, M. Capitelli and S. Longo, "DSMC Modelling of Vibrational and Chemical Kinetics for a Reacting Gas Mixture",  submitted to J.Chem. Phys. Lett.